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Naturopath update!

Went for a visit today to get some guidance/as a checkup.

First of all I’ve been off birth control for 7 weeks now and my skin was STILL amazing up until this week, the best it’s been in 2 years. The reason I write “was” is because I did an experiment with whey protein powder last week and my skin freaked the f out. You can’t totally tell with the picture but omg my skin hates me right now, I especially broke out on my forehead which never happens with me. So needless to say I stopped that right away and am hoping it slowly goes back to how it was.

I’ve replaced the protein with a vegan hemp powder (“but Mikaela that’s not really paleo! blah blah whatever”…it’s my decision).

Anyways, I haven’t had a period yet since being off birth control, which is expected because my body is trying to figure out how to regulate its own hormones instead of synthetic ones. My naturopath gave me a supplement called Chaste Tree which is supposed to help regulate my hormones and get them back to a normal/idea area. Hopefully the balance in hormones also leads to an improvement with my skin.

She tested my pH level and I was kind of acidic, but that may be due to the fact that I made the whey protein mistake. She recommended I do more lemon water and stuff my face full of extra leafy greens.

Those were my only main issues, but I also asked for her opinion on paleo/working out/my macros and such. She said she supports paleo but only as long as someone is doing it correctly and that it is very easy to miss out on nutrients so I should be careful. 100% agree with her because I know there are some days when I eat too much meat/fat and skim on the veggies/fiber, so I see what she means. She agreed with the 100g of carbs on workout days. So what I’m going to do is try supplementing with some quinoa here and there more to up my carbs and protein at the same time.

So I guess that means I am now an 80% paleo blog…sorry to those of you who are die hard strict paleo-ers.

And if so, did you take supplements during it to help along the process (ie - Candidase and probiotics, etc)? Also how long did you do it for?

I’m seriously considering it, it couldn’t hurt so why not.

I’ve posted here and there about these visits at times, but here’s one big post about them :)

  1. It started after my dad was diagnosed for the 2nd time (at only age 42, this was in 2008 ish) with colon cancer. My family “thought” we were eating healthy with veggies and whole grains and no red meat. My dad was the first one to see a naturopath. She recommended we all cut out gluten as much as possible (smart), and told us to start taking vitamin D, turmeric, omega-3 fish oil, and to start drinking a greens smoothie daily. All very good suggestions.
  2. My dad had colon cancer first when he was 35, and then again at 42 (He’s now 46 so fingers crossed). It’s extremely prevalent in my family so I’m hoping to affect my own outcome using my environment.
  3. Fast forward to 2011 and I saw a significant increase in my acne, fatigue, nausea, and a crippling pain in my upper right abdomen that would happen ALL the time. I tried keeping a food log and it was completely unpredictable. I suffered from 6 sinus infections in the span of about 4 months.
  4. Finally saw a naturopath (January 2012) after all those symptoms got worse, especially severe cystic acne. She suggested an elimination diet (no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no alcohol) and she also put me on several “numbered compounds” (brand called UNDA, you can google it) to try to reinforce my liver (I took accutane when I was 16, bad idea) and general digestion overall.
  5. Noticeable improvement in the acne, definitely no longer as severe or cystic, but still present. Continue the strict VERY strict diet for about 4 months. Overall, she helped me a lot. She really turned my lifestyle around.
  6. I couldn’t keep seeing her during the summer because I live far away from where I go to school, so I switched to a new naturopath at home. She took into account my past experiences and suspected an egg intolerance. Blood tests confirmed egg, dairy, gluten. Cut those out. Huuuuuuuuge difference, my pain was gone! She also put me on zinc because I was deficient. I’m now fine but I keep zinc 30mg around as a supplement to take when I’m feeling super stressed to boost my immune system. My acne isn’t perfect (but hey, I cheat now and then and my hormones are still kinda crazy because I’m only 20).

That sums it up! Overall, I have nothing but rave reviews for naturopaths. They take a significant amount of time to go over your medical and personal history in great detail. They look at all sorts of aspects of your life. In comparison, regular MDs just dismiss you and only focus on your single problem. Naturopaths can help you listen to your body and give it exactly what it needs. It’s so interesting to see how one simple aspect can affect and throw off entire bodily systems.

My next step is a quick check up with my naturopath to see if we can further get rid of my acne (although again, honestly, it looks amazing compared to before). I also want to get her take on paleo and intermittent fasting.