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Grain / dairy / egg / sugar free cinnamon toast crunch cereal!

(It’s almost paleo, depends where you stand on tapioca starch).

I realize I’ve been pretty MIA lately from tumblr but yesterday was my last long day of teaching lessons (like 9 hours in the pool). So for the rest of August I’m only in like 6-7 hours. So I will have more time to be creative with my eating habits and post stuff. The last month my eating habits include picking up a whole cucumber and eating it, soooo…

Recipe for this delicious stuff found here.

I highly suggest reading this, as she details her extreme struggle with an autoimmune disease and was cured by eating paleo.
I dislike the term Paleo “diet” because it gives it a stereotype, when really it’s the greatest health cure I have found for an insane number of ailments.

Although my story is nowhere as extreme as hers is, nor do I have an autoimmune condition, I feel like I know where she’s coming from. Pre-paleo I dealt with constant anemia from malabsorption to the point where it was a struggle to get out of bed after sleeping 15 hours and I could never concentrate or stay awake in class. Even taking high amounts of supplements did nothing to help my levels. The nausea was almost all day, everyday to the point where I was afraid to get on the bus to go to class because what if I had to throw up? The stomach pain pretty much never went away. The acne was the worst because it was literally a big sign to world that something was wrong with me. Doctors treated me like I was exaggerating everything since my symptoms were vague and all “regular” tests showed nothing. Even after a full colonoscopy and endoscopy (and the knowledge that my dad has had colon cancer twice) my gastroenterologist told me “it’s probably just cramps from running - cut back on the number of kms you do in a week”……hm yeah ok. I have such a natural disdain for all medical doctors now. Another example is when I went to see my family doctor about my severe acne last year and she wanted to prescribe me topical cream and antibiotics. YAAAA RIGHT. I didn’t take them, thankfully, and later after my skin had improved significantly after cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar, etc thanks to my naturopath…I went to see her again about something else and I told her how much the change in diet helped my skin and she basically told me that was bullshit. She actually told me it wasn’t necessary to cut out gluten from my diet.

I’m thankful that my issues aren’t so bad that I can’t enjoy several cheat meals at a time. I always avoid eggs because they’re the worst on my body, but I can happily enjoy normal foods from time to time. My body tells me as soon as I push the cheating too far and I can feel that stomach pain coming back and I usually break out or get a sinus infection.

I have realized that eliminating my food intolerances was not enough to improve, although that is what most people believe. I also have to avoid large amounts of other foods like grains and sugar because my body is still recovering and they have a noticeable impact on how I feel. I’m convinced that the vast majority of the world’s health problems stem directly from inflammation in the body.   

Protein pancakes (gluten / grain / sugar free and also vegan)

I’M SO HAPPY! I finally achieved grain-free pancakes that don’t have eggs in them :D (and don’t fall apart, and taste half decent!!) This has taken so many trial and errors. 

Ingredients for one serving:

  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 2 tbsp ener-g egg replacement (not really paleo, but it’s necessary)
  • Protein powder equivalent to 4 tbsp
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Stevia to taste

Then I cooked them in coconut oil :) Didn’t add anything today, but tomorrow might do a fruit sauce or something.


  • 2km run to the park, intervals on the hills, 2km run home
  • Played Just Dance for wii with my little sister haha
  • Swam 400m in 9 minutes
  • Got the 20lb brick from the bottom of the deep end woohoo
  • 15 minutes intervals on the exercise bike at the gym
  • Arms/shoulders/back on free weights/pullups at the gym

I hate working out. I also forgot to bring my ipod to work/the gym so that WAS THE WORST.


  • 1 medium sweet potato with cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup rice pasta with 1 tbsp organic pastured butter
  • 1 banana fried in 1 tbsp coconut oil with cinnamon
  • 3 slices turkey
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/2 yellow pepper
  • small handful almonds
  • That god awful protein shit my parents have - about 20g protein and 5 servings of veggies
  • 3 slices organic natural ham
  • 1 cup homemade bone broth
  • Builder’s protein bar because I was starving at work (those things have a ton of sugar holy shit..and soy, so not my best choice)

Supplements: Vitamin D, zinc, milk thistle, magnesium, protein.

Cauliflower popcorn

  1. Cut or break apart cauliflower into small pieces (I used 1/2 head).
  2. Mix with 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp sea salt, 1 tsp black pepper, and 1 tbsp turmeric.
  3. Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, or until turning slightly brown. 

I’m quite impressed with my genius ideas lately…and what that really means is that I get frustrated with eating vegetables and meat and being so restricted on my candida diet, that I finally throw a bunch of shit together and try to be creative.

This led me to……the lemon / lime snow cone.

It’s the perfect way for me to get hydrated, get in some detoxing, and distract myself from eating unnecessarily, because this is fun to eat/drink.

In a blender, combine:

  • 1 tray of ice cubes
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Sweetener if you want (I used stevia, but it’s up to you).

Within the span of about 8 months last year, I had bronchitis once, around 6 sinus infections, and a few other issues.

I haven’t been sick now since May.

2 of my roommates have been extremely sick for over a week now. I woke up with a horrible sore throat yesterday, the kind you getbefore all those other god awful symptoms show up.Nope, they didn’t. I fasted most of the day, drank a ton of water and bone broth, had a small meal, and went to bed early.

Woke up today expecting to be hit like a truck with a cold and/or sinus infection…………but my sore throat is the only symptom and it’s barely a nuisance. It seems to me like my immune system is strong as shit now and is fighting it off all by itself! :D

I’m soooooo happy.

Good thing I drink out of my sippy cup mason jar haha.

Made myself a healthy/paleo vision board for my room! :) Just some reminders to stay on track.

An update on my life because I’ve been slacking! Sorry guys!

Was great, spent a week doing absolutely nothing by the lake. I did nooooooot eat healthy. At all. And know what happened? One night I woke up and spent an hour sitting on the bathroom floor feeling nauseous as hell. Lesson learned haha. Regardless I went for some nice runs and kayaked a lot and swam across the lake.

All moved back into my house with my roommates. Right now it’s orientation week so I’ve binged drank about 5 nights in a row haha (I’m a terrible influence..why do you guys follow me). But once this week is over I’ll go back to only drinking once a week, if that. It’s just the fun of seeing everyone again and having no classes or stress yet so why not? I have been eating really healthy though to make up for it. 100% paleo (alcohol not included), I stocked up on only veggies, some fruit, some nuts, and lots of good meat. I really don’t have any bad food in my house to tempt me! That helps big time.

Skin/acne update:
Prior to eating junk food at my cottage my face was PERFECT. I swear it has never been so clear in years it was incredible. then I ate junk food and got a few big ones, but didn’t care very much since I was at a cottage in the wilderness obviously. Now that I’m at school it’s kind of balanced out. There are a few spots, but overall it’s looking pretty good. I went to classes without any makeup on and didn’t feel self conscious at all. And that’s a huuuuuge step for me.

I’m almost positive that my 36 hour fasting every week is what has helped push my skin that last extra step. I haven’t changed anything else so that is all that comes to mind. Might drink again tonight, might not. Regardless whenever I stop drinking/eating tonight I’ll start my next 36 hour fast to detox big time from the past 2 weeks.