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CHECK OUT THAT CLEAR SKIN! Eat paleo…it will cure all your problems. It will not, however, stop your nose from being taken over by freckles.

An update on my life because I’ve been slacking! Sorry guys!

Was great, spent a week doing absolutely nothing by the lake. I did nooooooot eat healthy. At all. And know what happened? One night I woke up and spent an hour sitting on the bathroom floor feeling nauseous as hell. Lesson learned haha. Regardless I went for some nice runs and kayaked a lot and swam across the lake.

All moved back into my house with my roommates. Right now it’s orientation week so I’ve binged drank about 5 nights in a row haha (I’m a terrible influence..why do you guys follow me). But once this week is over I’ll go back to only drinking once a week, if that. It’s just the fun of seeing everyone again and having no classes or stress yet so why not? I have been eating really healthy though to make up for it. 100% paleo (alcohol not included), I stocked up on only veggies, some fruit, some nuts, and lots of good meat. I really don’t have any bad food in my house to tempt me! That helps big time.

Skin/acne update:
Prior to eating junk food at my cottage my face was PERFECT. I swear it has never been so clear in years it was incredible. then I ate junk food and got a few big ones, but didn’t care very much since I was at a cottage in the wilderness obviously. Now that I’m at school it’s kind of balanced out. There are a few spots, but overall it’s looking pretty good. I went to classes without any makeup on and didn’t feel self conscious at all. And that’s a huuuuuge step for me.

I’m almost positive that my 36 hour fasting every week is what has helped push my skin that last extra step. I haven’t changed anything else so that is all that comes to mind. Might drink again tonight, might not. Regardless whenever I stop drinking/eating tonight I’ll start my next 36 hour fast to detox big time from the past 2 weeks.

You really don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of time, effort and money on drugs to try to cure them. For more info on curing acne naturally, see my post here.

How to get rid of any skin problems by doing a candida cleanse.

Before (December-January):

I know they may not look THAT bad, but I never actually took any close ups without makeup when my skin was at its worst this year, back in November ish. And these pictures were after I started cleaning out some bad foods from my diet so they show improvement. In retrospect I should have taken close ups to be able to show the insaaaane comparison now, but oh well. You get the gist of it!

After: (taken today February 16th 2012):

I loooooove my naturopath! As you can see there is a HUGE improvement, and that’s only in the span of 4 weeks, and perfect skin can take about 6 months. Right now there are spots left, but they’re leaving more every day. Actually, most of what looks like acne is just scarring at this point. Although that’s annoying and takes a long time to fade, it’s better than pimples :) I also think it’s important to note that I was on accutane when I was 16…and then this happened. It’s 100% clear to me that the only way to cure acne permanently is naturally!

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Kay, no, until you have chronic cystic acne then shut the hell up and get outta hereeeeeee

What is acne? Myths and speculations aside.

Trapped bacteria, too many dead skin cells, excess oil production.

Why do you have it?

Genetics, hormones, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, anxiety, or an unresolved internal bodily problem. Acne is your body’s way of telling you that it can’t filter out all of the toxins and therefore it pushes them out of your skin in an obvious way (this is why it’s a bad idea to throw more chemicals at your skin because it must filter those out too…see the vicious cycle?)

For more information on specific types of acne read here.

Does my face wash matter?

Not really. Drugstore brands have way too many chemicals and drying agents in them, so when you use those you are actually just irritating your skin/body more. All your skin really needs is a gentle natural cleanser. I use this:this

and I buy it in the organic section of my grocery store. However, you can even use the simplest things like tea tree oil or honey (both natural antibacterials). It doesn’t have to smell like rubbing alcohol to do the job well!

Should I use antibiotics /other pills / gels / creams, etc?

No, because they won’t work. The only pill I would recommend is birth control because it balances your hormones. The problem and number 1 misconception about acne is that it is not a problem on your skin - it’s a problem with what is under it. Acne is caused by completely other things going on in your body.

What about accutane?

I used it when I was 16 and it cleared my skin completely - but it came with a whole lot of side effects. And, my acne is back 3 years later almost as bad as it was. I know of many people who have gone back on it several times…and it continues to come back. This is because all acne “meds” only cover up the problem, so that one day it can uncover itself again. Treating it naturally is the only way to get rid of it for good.

How do I get rid of it naturally?

  1. Cut out all real dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, sour cream, etc). If you can, consider eating a gluten-free diet because whether you have acne or not it is the healthiest option for everybody out there. Restrict refined sugar in your diet, only naturally occurring sugar such as in fruit is good.
  2. Get a good sleep every night.
  3. Exercise lightly 20 minutes every day.
  4. Avoid excess toxins from lotions, makeup, cleaning products, alcohol, etc.
  5. Drink green tea.
  6. Go to see a naturopath doctor if you can afford it.

What is a naturopath?

A certified doctor who specializes in balancing the human body by way of natural supplements and nutrients. They don’t use Western medicine to treat pain, skin issues, disorders, etc.

My doctor recognized that my acne was only in certain places - my cheeks and jawline. This indicated an internal digestive problem. I won’t go into detail about how she went about diagnosing me or figuring things out, but all I have to do is stick to my super healthy diet and take drops of these numbered compounds to strengthen my digestive organs. Within only 2 days of taking the drops I have already started waking up with no new pimples. I wholeheartedly swear by this.

I was so close to opting for accutane again, but once I found out that accutane is most likely the cause of my very weak organs, I’m only going natural from now on.

For more information, check out this youtube account, she has tons of videos all about how she cured her acne 100% naturally.